A DCS helicopter sale, campaign, and a P-51D PBR update

In DCS news this week we have a few key items coming up including a massive helicopter sale that may pique your interest if you were thinking about collecting any one of the helicopters, a new helicopter campaign (I missed it last week) and some really nice PBR updates for the P-51D Mustang that DCS: WWII owners will want to see. Let’s have a look!

P-51D PBR cockpit and other updates

DCS: WWII has been in the backseat for a little while now while other updates and advancements in the series take the limelight. Combined with an update a couple of weeks back featuring the Mosquito and this one with a nice PBR update for the P-51D Mustang, it looks like Eagle Dynamics is again putting some efforts here.

The Mustang is getting the full cockpit PBR (physically based rendering) lighting update that should make it appear much more realistic and in-line with the more up-to-date cockpits.

Last week’s update also included some nearly finished shots of the StuG III assault gun coming soon to the WWII asset pack.


A really big helicopter sale

If you were thinking about the DCS: UH-1H Huey, DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight, DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark, or DCS: SA342 Gazelle you may decide that you want them all after you hear what Eagle Dynamics is offering.

From now until September 30th, the DCS e-Store is offering all four previously mentioned helicopters for $69.99 or 65% off the regular price of each of the helicopters. It’s not a bad deal if you’re interested in picking up the pack.

As with many things DCS World, a brilliant looking trailer has been created to announce it.

Fly those helicopters in a new campaign

You may also be wondering what you might do with these helicopters and Eagle Dynamics has an answer for that too.

Memory of a Hero is a Ka-50 and Mi-8 campaign based on some largely unknown real world events (centered around the Abkhazi-Georgian conflict in 1993). Here’s the description:

The Memory of a Hero campaign follows the story of helicopter pilot Sergey Pavlovich Borisov. Being an honored sniper and research helicopter pilot and a hero of the Soviet Union and Russia, this campaign explores his experiences in the Mi-8MTV2 and the Ka-50 Black Shark. The campaign is full of danger and exciting moments as you relive some of his more harrowing experiences!

This campaign also comes with a trailer and is available on the DCS e-Store for $9.99.



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