Gaming Nexus interviews ED’s Matt Wagner

It’s often tough for niche market titles like flight sims to many any breakthroughs to the mainstream gaming press so when it does happen, I happen to think that it’s a big deal. Maybe not the most mainstream of gaming press but still a site of note, Gaming Nexus has been around since 1997 covering games of all kinds and just a few days ago they did an interview with Matt Wagner.

A few interesting details

There’s a lot of information in the interview that we’ve heard before or that fans of DCS or combat flight sims in general tend to already know about. I’ll skip some of that but what I do think was interesting was Matt’s mention, once again, of the concept of a whole Earth model (presumably that would contain the much higher detailed maps that we know plus a more low res representation of the globe).

There were also mentions of the dedicated server, Modern Air Combat and the desire to build not just a great sim but a great game, dynamic campaigns, and more.

Read the whole interview right here!

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  1. Huckle says:

    Thanks for linking that, some interesting nuggets. There’s plenty of reasons to get fed up with DCS (slowness, lack of focus, the offline debacle last year, lack of optimisation etc) and forget that there are real, committed, people behind the company, who want to fly great simulations as much as we do.

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