New weapons in development for DCS: F/A-18C

Matt Wagner from Eagle Dynamics has been talking about some of the future development for the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet quite a lot, however, today he decided to mostly go with the screenshot route and it shows off fairly well what the team has been busy with! Hornet fans are going to like this a lot.

Worth a thousand words

Pictures are often worth a thousand words but I will do some expanding on what you can see here from Matt Wagner.

Late last year, Matt talked about how four engineers were devoted to the F/A-18C project and gave us a rundown of what each engineer was up to. Let’s review:

Engineer 1: Correct DUD cue logic, fuse setting, tune AGM-65F TTMR/IN RNG, and adjust AIM-9X tones. Once those are done, then JDAM.

Engineer 2: AGM-88C HARM and then ATFLIR.

Engineer 3: IFF interrogation, HAFU and color change when MSI is enabled, and then LTWS/TWS.

Engineer 4: Datalink with MIDS / Link-16 / MSI color display symbols, then the UFC BU page, and then INS ground and ship alignment.

Based on the picture above, Eagle Dynamic’s engineers have successfully proceeded to work on JDAM (two types are on the inner wing pylons), AGM-88C HARM (on the port side outer wing pylon), and JSOW (starboard side outer wing pylon). It is these last two that have me and I suspect many other Hornet-drivers excited about the capabilities that come with them.

The HARM is, as many of you know, an “anti-radiation” weapon designed to seek out radars commonly used by air defenses. HARM will let the Hornet carry out SEAD (suppression of enemy air defenses) missions and aside from the Su-25T, will be the second aircraft in the series with a standoff SEAD capability (the AV-8B and the Sidearm require getting much closer).

Then there is JSOW which, aside from the Mjolnir dispenser for the AJS-37, is a fairly unique weapon for the series. This is a medium range glide bomb with ranges of 12 nautical miles up to 70 nautical miles depending on release altitude. Once again, its capable of striking air defense targets and hitting other targets that are well within an air defense network. This should add an interesting ability to DCS World in general.

No word on when

We don’t know when any of these will begin to arrive, however, the AGM-88 HARM is already in-game and can be equipped on the Hornet. It doesn’t currently do anything but it is an indication that it will come sooner than later.

Stay tuned for more news on JDAM and some of the other systems mentioned in Matt Wagner’s update. Speaking of which, check out the Hornet mini-update thread right here.

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