F-14 stream, CEII, HARM, OV-10, and more from around DCS World

There are a ton of DCS World stories coming out right now and its pretty difficult to keep up with all of the latest developments and small updates that are flying around right now but I’m going to do my best to keep everyone up-to-date.

Beta patch enables AGM-88 HARM for the F/A-18, other features

There’s a list of new features now available on the F/A-18C and some good progress towards some of the other features on Eagle Dynamics features list for this jet. Here’s a list:

  • added AGM-88C HARM in Self-Protect mode
  • new missions
  • improved mini-stick response for Thrustmaster Warthog throttle
  • corrected VVI indication
  • corrected LEX vapors
  • adjusted ACM mode switching
  • completed DUD cue logic
  • removed incorrect dual carriage for GBU-16.

One sad note is that apparently we cannot carry GBU-16 bombs in a dual loadout configuration (like the MK82s) anymore. This was apparently incorrect and not something that the real Hornet can do.

Second MiG-19 training video: Startup

RAZBAM has released the second training video for the MiG-19. The mission itself and the scripting behind it is done by legendary DCS World campaign maker Baltic Dragon who has responded to complaints on the first video about the thickness (or fakeness depending on who you ask) of the English Russian accent. You’ll see his good humored response in this second video.

The video is also an in-depth examination of the full start-up procedure for the MiG-19 so it tells you everything you need to know about the start-up. This is one of several interactive training missions planned for the jet on launch – the date of which we still don’t know but are still expecting before the end of the month.

Ralfi’s F-14 stream

YouTuber and Twitch.TV streamer Ralfidude has a 2-hour long stream featuring Heatblur’s still in development F-14B. There’s a little bit of everything but I do recommend fast forwarding to about 5-6 minutes where the stream actually starts.

Watch Ralfi’s F-14 stream.

Ralfi does tell us that the RIO backseat area of the F-14 is still under development but he hopes that we can see that soon.

Update: A summary of the stream is now available on YouTube.

RAZBAM’s OV-10 Bronco?

The 1960s era counter-insurgency turboprop OV-10 attack aircraft is the subject of a few teasers from third party developer RAZBAM who has one of their developers working on an OV-10 for DCS World as a side project.

Back in June, RAZBAM developer Prowler commented on this project which I think still puts things into context:

The gears are moving, there is a new guy who is checking stuff up…at his pace, no rushes, so whenever something comes out i´ll post it here, just keep the hype under control, it can take a long time since A. is not a priority (sorry for this guys, i´m just being honest here) B. It´s up to the person who accepted the task (his time, his priorities).
On the bright side, it does not affect in any way current scheduled projects(which are all moving)

Prowler111 on the DCS World Forums

Since June it appears that this project has made progress. More images appear on RAZBAM’s Facebook and on RAZBAM’s DCS World forum.

Eagle Dynamics is working on a Black Shark 3/Ka-50 update?

We’ve known for some time that Eagle Dynamics was going to provide an update for the Ka-50 which was one of the modules that helped get DCS World, in its current form, started.

It’s unclear now as to what exactly is planned as there may be more substantial updates to this module although it could end up being a separate project potentially sold as a separate module or as an upgrade.

A post that was since deleted has been captured by sharp eyed community members of which you can read the reactions here.

In short, there appear to be feature upgrades like added defensive capabilities, RWR and even air-to-air missiles which the current Ka-50 lacks. There are still some significant limits to modeling a semi-modern Russian aircraft at this point as a lot of materials are under wraps (or have been returned to being under wraps) so it’ll be interesting to see where this project goes or what direction Eagle Dynamics takes with it.

More about Heatblur and the F-14B launch window

While there is still definitely a fair bit of hype about the DCS: F-14 Tomcat, there’s also a few people who really wanted to be flying the jet in DCS World now. Heatblur is still working hard on the module and Cobra847 took to the forums to let everyone know what the added three months (counting from December to March) is all about:

– LANTIRN went from being planned as barebones at EA to basically complete.

– JESTER might be able to operate LANTIRN (not sure on this one yet)
New JESTER stuff (G incapacitation, injuries, more variation, more polish, bugfixing)

– De-weathering some stuff that was too extreme

– More custom foley soundwork

Cobra847 on the DCS World Forums

News from around the community

There are plenty of different things going on around the community right now but hopefully these updates are keeping you up-to-date on the very latest. If I missed something, please feel free to share in the comments!

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