More systems work ongoing for DCS: F/A-18C

Eagle Dynamics has four programmers working away on new features for the DCS: F/A-18C with additional updates to the AGM-88 HARM, Lightening II, datalink, IFF, DUD and fuze logic for bombs, and more.

A long list of features still in progress

The F/A-18C Hornet has steadily added capabilities and features since it released into early access in the first part of last year. Now in 2019 the module has gained significantly in features but a lot still remains to cover on this complex multi-role jet. Here’s the latest from Matt Wagner’s mini-updates:

1- TOO and PB HARM modes are in work. Once he finishes those up, he’ll start work on moving the Litening II TGP to the Hornet. However, this is not a simple copy and paste, this is still a significant amount of work, but it will allow us to bring a Hornet TGP into the game faster than the ATFLIR.

2- Huge amount of work on the data link (D/L). This is probably the most complex system for the Hornet given the network sharing and new APIs that need to be created. We are making good progress and it will be a “game changer”. This will also address a new system of IFF.

3- In additional to cleaning up the DUD and fuze logic for HD bombs, progress has been quite rapid on JDAM and JSOW. Like D/L, this is also a rather complex task that will take time.

4- Work is ongoing on the LTWS/TWS A/A radar modes. This will in turn tie into the MIDS D/L.

With the AGM-88 now available, the thing that I’m now most interested in seeing is the datalink and the addition of the Lightening II TGP pod which should make it quite a bit easier to employ various weapons on the Hornet.

Check out the latest mini-update.

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