New AV-8B and MiG-19 updates

Another day and another set of updates coming from DCS World third party developer RAZBAM. They have been on a bit of a roll recently and I hope that good news continues to come from the studio – today we’re seeing the latest developments on the MiG-19s radar as well as a beautiful new image of what the AV-8Bs cockpit will look like after an upgrade.

Harrier gets a cockpit upgrade

The AV-8B’s external model is excellently done but the cockpit was only just good. Compared to what we’re seeing recently from Heatblur and from RAZBAM on their new MiG-19 module, the AV-8B was looking a little less well polished (from an art perspective) and so RAZBAM is hard at work upgrading it (and the M-2000C cockpit for that matter).

New details on the AV-8B cockpit

There’s much to be optimistic about as RAZBAM appears to be putting in the effort to bring their “older” modules up to standard while pushing forward on new initiatives.

Recently I also mentioned that AV-8B was getting its chaff/flare program release as part of an effort to continue adding the missing features to the AV-8B. This has been a common complaint in the community and something that has soured some of the reputation of the company though I see a lot of these efforts, including this cockpit upgrade, as signs that RAZBAM remains committed.

RP-5 ground clutter test on MiG-19

The MiG-19P has a short range radar used for target sighting and acquisition and for putting guns on target in poor visibility. The RP-5 is not a modern radar by any measure and as a result it struggles with things like ground clutter.

In this latest video, RAZBAM shows off what the radar looks like when affected by ground clutter.


A bonus being worked on is a KC-135 Multi-point Refueling Systems (MPRS) variant of the KC-135. Although DCS World currently doesn’t support multiple refueling types (boom and basket) on a single airframe, RAZBAM is ensuring that the KC-135 is available with its MPRS upgrade which adds refueling pods on the wings.

This will, in short, be a separate aircraft on the list and it will be available to all DCS World owners regardless of which module they own. A nice bonus from RAZBAM.

This modification is useful for two RAZBAM modules – the M-2000C and AV-8B and adds extra flexibility when the scenario calls for a KC-135 rather than a KC-130.

More info on all of these updates on RAZBAM’s Facebook page.

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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    There’s also a new landing training mission for the MiG-19. Even if those were the only missions with the release, we would already have plenty to explore and have fun with, but will they release next week? That is the question 🙂

    On their side, it seems Heatblur is eager to release sooner rather than later. But surely two releases too close from each other is not healthy practice? I wonder if ED have a mandatory period between two new products, at least for aircraft modules.


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