Catching up with Polychop’s OH-58D live streams

Over the weekend, Polychop Simulations showed off their work on their OH-58D coming to DCS World sometime later in 2020. The module is still a work in progress but if the live streams that we saw on the weekend are any indication, this module is already well on its way in terms of systems programming.

Catch the live streams

First, Shiftie Mover’s live stream takes a diversion from a F/A-18C and AV-8B missions and jumps over to the OH-58D. That happens at the 1 hour and 48 minute mark.

Then we have Hell Gato walking us through the startup and taking us though a mission with the aircraft. Hellfire missiles as well as the laser guided APKWS rockets are featured in both videos. It’s great to see things coming together already on these systems.

Although we have no detailed information on a release date, early access is expected sometime later in 2020. Much is still a work in progress but it does look pretty good so far. One area I know folks are anxious to know about is the flight model. The one video shows off VRS (vortex ring state) which means that they have been doing their homework on that. I have hopes that we’ll see that develop over the year between now and release.

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