Sturmovikfest Day Two!

The Sturmovikfest continues with day two of the festival. Yesterday was a big day with a big beginning while today is a little more straightforward but still lots of potential fun to be had. Here’s what’s coming next and a few adjustments to the schedule

Fly-in’s all week long

Monday starts our regular fly-in schedule. What’s a fly-in? The idea is to pack servers full of players and have some fun doing it. Every day of the week during the festival we’ve schedule servers to host missions and we’ll join in during those times.

Be sure to scroll right and left on the Sturmovikfest schedule to see times in various timezones and links to TeamSpeak or Discord servers for the fly-in night.

Tomorrow we have:

  • The Unprofessionals – 10:00 AM GMT / 6:00 AM EDT
  • Combat Box – 8:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EDT
  • Combat Box – 12:00 AM GMT / 8:00 PM EDT

Also be sure to check out Combat Box’s Project R racing – if you missed it today, the server should be on most of the week. Read my write-up and some screenshots for more.

Change of schedule

Tonight I had originally scheduled everyone to fly on Knights of the Air and enjoy what the server has to offer with some eastern front themed battles. Unfortunately, KOTA is having some server troubles and is not able to host the event tomorrow. So, we’ll be switching to Combat Box with hopes to set up some other various hosts through the week.

Stay tuned for more!

UPDATE: I wrote ‘tomorrow’ here earlier and meant today. Tired 🙂

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