DCS: A-10C II launch trailer, new tutorial videos out ahead of launch

Eagle Dynamics is breathing new life into it’s DCS: A-10C II module and with the new cinematic trailer the countdown is definitely now on for release tomorrow – September 30th. Plus we have a couple of new videos from Matt Wagner detailing some of the new systems. Let’s have a quick look!

Tank Killer is coming

DCS: A-10C II is bringing with it several new features representing a more up to date A-10C model, an updated 3D model inside and out, and will be available for a modest upgrade price of just $9.99 USD during the first month of release for current owners. And of course…. it still has plenty of brrrrrt.

To mark the occasion, we have a brand new cinematic trailer showing off the jet in action. It’s everything we’ve come to expect from Eagle Dynamics when they launch a new module.

Speaking of new features, we’ve have a couple of new videos out that I haven’t had a chance to report on just yet. First, Matt Wagner walks us through how to use the new APKWS rocket system on the A-10C. These are conversions of conventional Hydra 70 rockets with a simple laser guidance kit that turns each rocket into its own precision weapon. In the real world this provides plenty of flexibility where the desire is to limit damage to the intended target only. In DCS it means a bigger magazine of guided weapons that are capable of damaging many types of armored vehicles, buildings and smaller targets.

Then we have another exciting addition that looks like it could be something of a gamechanger for A-10C pilots. I am talking about the Scorpion Helmet Mounted Cueing system. The system, on the basic level, works like the JHMCS system that’s available on the DCS: F/A-18C and DCS: F-16C but in this case its optimized for ground attack. More, it has the ability to display the locations of other friendly aircraft operating nearby with datalink integration. This together with the ability to display markpoints, waypoints, and other types of information seems to provide an impressive level of information.

Look for the Eagle Dynamics store to be updated sometime tomorrow with the upgraded module with Steam following at the same time or soon after.


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  1. [DBS]TH0R says:

    The HMCS alone is worth the 10$ asking price. I knew this would be amazing, but having a TGP displayed in it is just wow.

    Can’t wait!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I was thinking the same thing. What a revelation that helmet sight is likely to be! It looks as if it can superimpose FLIR during night missions as well. Should be interesting to check out.


  2. Doctor Drago says:

    Happy Brrrtday Everyone!


  3. Doctor Drago says:

    Seriously though. I have now watched that trailer like four times. I am so excited for this.

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