From AI to autopilot, highlights from the recent Asobo Q&A

Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Asobo Studios has continued their monthly Q&A series with Jorg Neumann (Microsoft), Sebastian Wloch, and Martial Bossard. In this month’s update, we learn more about what the team is doing about some of the biggest issue in the sim. Here’s some highlights on what they are up to and what’s coming next.

Fixing bugs, adding VR and improving MSFS

The team at Asobo Studios is hard at work fixing issues with Microsoft Flight Simulator while also pressing forward. The closed beta of the Windows Mixed Reality devices version of MSFS which will offer initial VR support to some VR headsets is well underway. Fixes to the various systems in the sim are also happening with a lot of effort being put into making sure that the AI and the dynamic weather system are working the way they are supposed to. These are just some of the topics covered in this month’s Q&A.

Here are my notes and highlights from the slightly over 1-hour session:

  • MSFS VR starting up in a closed test, Windows Mixed Reality devices first, later other VR devices will be supported, not likely to have an open test but rather will release and then work through updates
  • Excessive lightning and icing, being investigated and a server side fix is coming for weather updates
  • Autopilot fixes, G1000/3000 fixes are coming, SIDS/STARS entry issues, CDU’s and flight plan – Updates all coming soon with bugs identified
  • Update 7, coming in late November, will feature the United States
  • New airports include: Atlanta International airport, Friday Harbour airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, New York Stuart airport
  • An Alaska bush trip is also included with the update
  • Light updates are in progress improving the altitude at which detailed lighting is rendered and attempting to solve problems with which streets and roads get lights and which do not
  • Intending to update the problems with scenery in Russia, Sweden and other Nordic countries to improve the scenery using updated data
  • AI traffic is still being worked on and will get better

Those are just some of the items that I pulled from the Q&A. For the rest, click the video link above!

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  1. Michael Davidson says:

    When will they give love to the King Air?! So much is broken/Inop in it!


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